Content Marketing Services

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your content isn’t performing as well as you’d like.
Fortunately, we’re pretty good at fixing that!

The 3 Pillar Strategy I Offer

If you haven’t already read my content marketing approach, I encourage you to do so, because it
outlines how I approach content marketing (and it’s a bit different from how most people do).
However, here’s the abbreviated version of it.

Pillar 1: Drive Conversions
Targeting high purchase intent keywords and then creating content that demonstrates how your product is uniquely positioned to solve the ICP’s pain points.
Pillar 2: Build a Few Quality Links and Then Attract Organic Links
Creating original research and stats pages, building a few quality links to get the research to boost its ranking, and then let it organically attract high quality links.
Pillar 3: Refreshing Content

Your content will naturally start to slip down the rankings over time as Google values recency. So we also refresh high value content frequently.

“Okay, that sounds great. Can you actually do it?”

Here are some results I’ve achieved for each of those pillars.

Pillar 1: Driving Conversions 

I work with a webinar platform and over the past seven months, about 22% of their total sales came from content we produced:

You can read the full case study to learn exactly how we achieved these conversion rates.

Pillar 2: Build a Few Quality Links Then Attract Organic Links

For this step we gather original data and create stats pages optimized for journalistic keywords to organically attract links.

I have several different methods for gathering original data, which include:

  • Pulling data from the client’s internal tool/platform
  • Collecting third party data (other websites/tools)
  • Running surveys with a platform like Pollfish

After publishing the post, we manually build a handful of high quality links to help it earn a top spot in the SERPs. Once it’s on the first page, we stop manual link building and let it organically earn links.

One of the original research posts I created on content updating has accumulated the following backlink profile:

Here’s another example of an impressive link profile that a single original research post we created accumulated:

You can also read this post I wrote for the Search Engine Journal that discusses how I optimize statistics pages to earn backlinks from journalists.

Pillar 3: Refreshing Content

Your posts will start to slip in rankings over time, so we also update content.

I assisted Single Grain in updating roughly 50 posts in one year, and as a result, traffic to those posts doubled in six months from roughly 9,000 to 18,000 monthly visits.

As a result, traffic to those posts doubled six months after being republished from 9,000 monthly visits to over 18,000 monthly visits.

I also wrote a post on Ahrefs outlining my process and explaining the main pitfalls of content refreshing (like why a lot of posts fail after being updated).

What Do Clients Think of Me?

You can also see my work in the following

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So What Happens When I Work With You?

Here’s what the process looks like when you work with me:
Step 1: Customer Research
  • A call with someone from customer success
  • A call with someone from sales
  • A call with someone from the marketing team

Most content written by agencies sucks because the writers don’t understand how your business is different from competitors. For example, if you offer a CRM platform, it’s obvious that you help manage client relationships, but why should a reader pick your CRM over a competing CRM? Our customer research process uncovers your business’s key differentiators and then we articulate them in the content. This also gives the content originality. 

Step 2: Keyword Research and Topic Ideation
  • Keyword Research Original
  • Research/Stats page ideation
  • Content Refreshing Analysis

In this step, we identify the high purchase intent keywords and bring some ideas on interesting data topics. We’ll talk with you to decide on the best ones that fit with your audience.

Step 3: Execution
  • Conduct expert interviews for content (when necessary)
  • Gather original research (when necessary)
  • Write the content and optimize with Clearscope
  • Revise content as necessary

We build links to original research and stats pages. While we aim for about 5 links per month, the bottom line deliverable is 30 links per six months. Even if you only sign a three month contract, we still deliver all 30 within the consecutive six months.

Step 4: Reporting
  • Total conversions
  • Traffic
  • Links

Finally, we’ll report on conversions and let you judge the quality of the service that way

What’s Included in The Services

Ultimately, it’s four monthly blog posts, though the mix usually varies depending on the client’s needs. For example, we typically do 3 BOFU blog posts and then either 1 refresh post or original research post per month.

We can discuss the combination of blog posts based on your needs. 

Here are the monthly deliverables
  • 4 blog posts per month
  • Customer research (once at the beginning of the engagement and then as necessary)
  • Keyword research
  • Expert interviews for content (when necessary)
  • Original research (as necessary)
  • Roughly 5 backlinks (guaranteed total of 30 in 6 months)
  • Clearscope optimization for each blog post
  • Optimized title tag and meta descriptions
  • 2 internal linking recommendations for each blog post
  • Unlimited revisions

The set rate for all of these services is

$6,500 per month

and we do minimum three month engagements.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to reach out to me here and we can chat.